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Monday, 21 December 2009 04:20
  GPS Personal Guides
  • Product name: Personal Guider
  • Model number: PG-2000
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This GPS gadget is a tricked out compass allowing you to save five  locations you probably need to find again or return to. It is not as magical as the Golden Compass nor will it point you to a secret pirate cove but it can point you in the right direction by following its small arrow. This device is small enough to carry anywhere and easy to use anytime; just press a button and it automatically saves that location for you so that you can find that spot later.

The personal locator uses a hi-tech independent calibrating compass and a high sensitive GPS receiver for you to be able to find your way back. The GPS Personal guider is ideal for campers, hikers, travelers and for those who are going into events where there a lot of people and massive parking areas involved.



  1. Guiding your to Parking lot.
  2. Guiding you to motel
  3. Guiding you to tour group
  4. Guiding you to favorite shops
  5. Guiding to anything anywhere!
  6. 65 channels “All-In-View” tracking  Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 29/25/1 sec. (average)
  7. Superior sensitivity: > -160dBm tracking   
  8. Support standard NMEA-0 183 at 9600 bps.
  9. Support G-mouse function via USB cable.
  10. Smart Power Saving / up to 8 Hours Usage
  11. Able to save 5 positions .
  12. 12-hourTime Display .
  13. Eight-Direction indication.
  14. Simulated pedometer for sporty training.
  15. Support E-Compass .
  16. Dimension: 47.0x 38.0 x 13.0 mm.
  17. Accessories:  Travel Charger, USB cable, Qick Guide

 Downloads: PG2000_User_anual_ENG.pdf
 Downloads: PG2000_ENG.pdf

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